Multimetro  Dosimetro Quart Dido: Dosi, DWP , Rateo dose, impulsi e tempo e kV.
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Fantoccio Cbct_ap per i controlli sui Cbct, DVT, 3d  
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Fantoccio Quart Mam/Digi per i controlli di qualità in mammografia digitale e tomosintesi.
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DidoSvm piccola Il survey Meter di ultima generazione con  rivelatore allo stato solido e delle prestazioni straordinari.
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 PGT950 è il più avanzato  Dosimetro,  identificatore di isotopi e spettrometro 
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 QUART Nonius Lo strumento di misura per determinare il limite del campo di emissioni Rx  in Radiologia + Tac  
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Sistema   ottico di sorveglianza   dello spazio Per-Mon: Rivelamento e Protezione delle persone nelle aree ad irraggiamento Leggi tutto tutto.. Survey Meter OD–01 camera ionizzazione, misura della dose dai 6 KeV fino  ai 15 MeV e i beta 60 keV ai 2 MeV.
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The Quality Controlsection allows qualified experts to display the various types of test that can be carried out on different radiation sources (Conventional, Endo-oral and Panoramic Radiograph, CT, Mammography, digital Angiograph, Tomograph and Gamma Cameras, as well as Accessories such as Radiation Calibrators) in order to check reliability and wear resistance.


With particular reference to Legislative Decree 230/95 and standard CEI 62-27 ...., the potential of EXPERT 25 can be put to full use in order to carry out the following types of test:

1. Acceptance tests, check that the appliance conforms to the specifications declared by the manufacturer and/or the specifications set out in the acquisition contract

2.   Status checks, i.e. measurement of essential equipment parameters in order to determine performance

3. Constancy tests, i.e. measurement of parameters providing confirmation that equipment operating performance complies with requested criteria


The result of every test will be a numeric value (relative to the particular parameter under consideration) that must be compared with a reference value (result of the initial constancy test to which the results of the checks carried out thereafter will be referred) in order to assess whether or not the two values are compatible, within the limit established by the tolerance range that is set according to the reference protocol (in particular, it is possible to select tests relating to the protocols proposed by ANPEQ concerning the latest amendments presented at the Congress of Rome on 03/11/99 that provide for both Quality Control and minimum acceptability criteria for radiology equipment , as well as customise them or use specially- created tests).



For this reason, EXPERT 2000becomes a virtually indispensable instrument because it allows:

direct INTEGRATION of measurements effected by the most common multimeters via serial port 

the display on a SINGLE SCREEN of the parameters necessary for carrying out the tests (multi-parameter mask), thus allowing simultaneous management of the results obtained from subsequent exposures (e.g. in determining the precision and accuracy of kVp or exposure times)


GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION of the course of the source’s individual parameters

advanced and customised SEARCHES and STATISTICS according to user requirements

printing of REPORTS and MEASUREMENT CARDS relating to the checks carried out in accordance with current standards, including the option of integrating and customising documents in Microsoft Office


CALENDAR MANAGEMENT of subsequent tests in accordance with test frequency and the scheduled engagements with that organisation

HANDSHAKING between mobile station (PC Notebook of the technician) and central server (available in multiuser version)