Short description
- Conveyor belt system with chain-link belt (stainless steel), with frequency-regulated motor for setting the belt speed from 50cm/min - 600cm/min.
- Operate and service using the 10.4-inch colour touch display.

RMS LSI Scan Medio

- Alternatively, automatic speed setting as function of the set alarm limit (detection limit).
- Automatic background effect measurement with material recognition, continual background effect subtraction.
- Detector unit comprises upper and lower detector configuration. The detector units are assembled on one side at the conveyor belt system mechanics to create improved access on the operator side.
The lower detector configuration is located beneath the chain-link belt; the upper detector configuration can be adjusted from 20 mm to 350 mm. Good access to the detectors for maintenance or repair purposes has been realised here. Access to the lower detectors is provided by a remo vable unit.

Upper and lower detector housing is equipped with 5 detectors SZ345 each
- The operating housing on the swivel arm provides the embedded HMI The electronics comprise:
- Linux Embedded System with 10.4-inch colour touch display for displaying measured values,  arametrisation and all service tasks.
- I/O module with floating contacts
- USB and LAN
- Software with measured value display including detector ID, measured value and parametrisati on of all parameters, limit values, belt speed, min./max. warning thresholds, including detector display for function inspection, detector-specific pulse rate, measured value display in cps or alternatively as Bq or Bq/cm² as a bar chart. Measured objects (e.g. overall, shoes, helmets ...) can be defined in the software with limit parameters, such as clearance to the upper detectors, belt speed, alarm limits... When the measured object is selected, all settings are performed auto matically.
- 5x Emergency Off switch and the following further safety devices:
- Height inspection of the measured object, automatic conveyor belt stop
- Anti-trap protection for the mobile upper detector unit

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