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Survey Meter OD-01 Hx


  • Follow up model of RGD 27091
  • Dose meter and dose rate meter for the measurement of the photon dose and dose rate equivalent Hx, dHx/dt radiation fields (X-rays, gamma radiation)
  • Radiation detector: air equivalent ionisation chamber
  • Measuement range: 3 decades for dose and 6 decades for dose rate measurements
  • Automatic switch of the fine measurement ranges
  • Measurement in the soft-radiation region above 6 keV
  • Measurement of hard X-rays and gamma radiation as well as bremsstrahlung of up to 7.5 MeV (up to 15 MeV using an additional acrylic plastic shielding)
  • Measurement of photon dose and dose rate of pulsed radiation fields
  • Qualitative measurement of beta radiation above energies E > 160 keV
  • Detachable probe for remote measurements of up to 100 m
  • Easy-to-read back-lighted LCD panel
  • Battery powered, transportable and stationary applicable device
  • Application for radiation safety measurements in following fields:
    • Medical and technical irradiation units
    • Atomic power plants
    • Laboratories for radioactive nuclides
    • Nuclear medical units
  • Optional equipment:
    • USB cable and software for measurement evaluation via PC
    • Power supply (DC 6 V) with power lead
    • Variable probe extension cable up to 100 m upon customer request
    • Acrylic plastic shielding for energy values E > 7,5 MeV
    • Wall holder for stationary application
Measured values: Photon equivalent dose Hx
  Photon equivalent dose rate dHx / dt
Display ranges:  
Dose rate: 0 .. 2000 µSv/h
0 .. 2000 mSv/h
Dose: 0 .. 2000 µSv
Energy range: 6 keV to 7,5 MeV (approx. 15 MeV with additional acrylic plastic shielding)
Radiation detector: Air-equivalent ionisation chamber
Volume: 600 cm3
Build-up cap: removeable, 550 mg/cm²
Intrinsic error: < 15 % (fine measurement range 20)
< 5 % (fine measurement ranges 200 and 2000)
Linearity: 5%
Minimum Measurable Dose 0,01 µSv/h
Saturation deficite: 5% @ 2000 mSv/h
Operating voltage control: Battery symbol in case of low battery voltage
Interface: USB (optionally with software)
Power supply: 4 round batteries LR 06 type AA max. 6,2 V
6V DC external power supply optionally available
 Power consumption: approx. 30 mA @ 6V
Battery operating life: approx. 100 hrs
Working temperature range: -10 °C to + 45 °C
Storage temperature range: -25 °C to + 55 °C
Ambient pressure: 800 hPa to 1100 hPa
Relative humidity: < 80 %
Display unit (L x W x H): 250 mm x 108 mm x 42 mm
Measuring probe (Ø x H). 112 mm x 260 mm
Connecting cable: 0,7 m (up to 100 m optionally available)
Weight: Display unit with measuring probe: 1,5 kg

Photon Energy Response:

Angular Energy Response:


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