Germanium (IGx)




Germanium (IGx)



Product Summary

PGT manufactures both Si(Li) and HPGe detectors for X-ray analysis. Si(Li) detectors with the standard beryllium window have a useful energy range of 1-60 keV,
while HPGe detectors are suitable up to 100 keV.
Optional light-element capability extends the lower limit to below 185 eV. Both HPGe and Si(Li) detectors are fully temperature-cyclable and may be stored indefinitely at room temperature with no degradation in resolution. The X-ray source can range from nuclear accelerators to secondary X rays generated by fluorescence. X-ray detectors are used extensively for research, quality control, and failure analysis

Pulsed-Optical Reset Premp
The PO-14B pulsed optical reset preamplifier is ideal for low noise applications. Performance is
close to that of an idealized charge-sensitive preamplifier. The short (~15 msec.) reset time yields statistically accurate results, while a 120 msec. delay before reset starts prevents any energy discrimination. The maximum energy rate product is greater than 200 MeV/sec.

Transistor Reset
PGT Transistor Reset Preamplifiers are designed for high count rate applications with an ECRP limit of greater than 800,000 MeV/second. The upper count rate limit and resolution of the system is thus determined primarily by capabilities of the gated integrator amplifier and the ADC units. Reset time is 6-10 mseconds (less than 2% dead time at 800,000 cps for a 60 Co spectrum). A 120 msecond delay before reset prevents energy discrimination in counting of the trigger event. The TR preamplifier operates over a limited dynamic output voltage range, allowing good linearity, excellent detector resolution, and minimal peak shift at high count rates.

Position-Tagged Spectrometry
Pulse Processor and Position-Tagged Spectrometry for EDS systems, with IMIX spectrum processing and analysis software .

These detectors are also interfaced with scanning electron microscopes for simultaneous qualitative and quantitative microanalysis of elements from boron through uranium by energy dispersive spectroscopy. X-ray detector with variable-position

Cryostat & Window
PGT offers a variety of standard and custommanufactured cryostat configurations. with hardware—such as windowless systems with automated gated assembly, telescoping cryostats, and other modifications—for interfacing with beam systems, scattering chambers, and Xray fluorescence systems. The JT Cool mechanical cooler, with the exclusive PGT QUIET ONE™ ultra-low microphonics mounting, assures laboratorygrade resolution anywhere. Window options include 0.3 and 0.5 mil beryllium and the PRISM light element window Approximate PRISM window transmissions are 40% at C, 32% at N, 43% at O, 50% at F and 60% at Na.





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