Sistema 8000

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System 8000


MCA System 8000

Product Summary

The System 8000 is a complete spectrometer in a single integrated package. This instrument includes the detector bias supply, a high performance analog pulse processor, 8000- or 16,000-channel MCA, and an Ethernet interface. Just connect the detector to the System 8000, and then connect the System 8000 to the PC or network.

The System 8000 gamma spectrometer has been engineered to give optimum performance for a wide range of applications with HPGe and Si(Li) detectors. The three computer-selectable time constants offer choices for high throughput applications, standard operation, and highest possible resolution. The shaping amplifier features 8th order triangular and Gaussian filters for minimum series noise and optimum resolution. Automatic noise discriminators and a gated baseline restorer with rate adaptive restoration give the ultimate in stability, even at the highest count rates. To provide the best possible pile-up rejection, even at the lowest energies, the fast channel has adaptive time constants which ensure maximum possible sensitivity. This translates into the best possible performance from your detector system.

The pulse processor is tightly integrated with the multichannel analyzer electronics and the detector bias supply to form a complete system. This high speed MCA adds minimal dead time to the data acquisition even at high processing speeds. Computer control of all MCA functions complements the power and flexibility of the system. In addition, the new Ethernet interface connects to the PC or the network.

The System 8000 includes QuantumMCA software for qualitative analysis at no additional charge. In addition, QuantumMCA will control the System 8000 hardware. For gamma applications that require quantitative analysis of spectra, see QuantumGold.

Available Configurations

System 8016G:

  • 16,000 channels of conversion gain
  • Pulse shaping constants 2µs, 4µs, 8µs
  • ±5 kV detector bias supply

System 8008G:

  • 8,000 channels of conversion gain
  • Pulse shaping constants 2µs, 4µs, 8µs
  • ±5 kV detector bias supply

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