CT Diados

Una camere d'ionizzazione:
una per la misura del CTDI nei fori di lunghezza 10 cm  (3,14 cc).

- Una camera d'ionizzazione di 30 cm (opzionale) per la misura del DLP (Dose Length Product) in area libera.





 - Radiometro , un cavo d'estensione di 6 metri e un adattatore  per le camere d'ionizzazione DIADOS E Diagnostic Dosemeter: Diagnostic routine dosemeter for QC of radiographic, fluoroscopic, mammographic, dental and CT X-ray installations


  • Valuable small size dosemeter for acceptance tests and service of any X-ray equipment
  • Measures dose, dose rate, dose per pulse, pulses, dose length product and irradiation time
  • Complies with IEC 61674
  • Includes electrometer modes for current (3 pA to 20 µA) and charge (3 pC to 200 mC) measurement

The DIADOS E is a small size dosemeter for acceptance tests and routine quality control of any type of diagnostic X-ray installation, which measures dose values and irradiation time. It utilizes semiconductor detectors except for CT measurement, which is based on a pencil ion chamber connected to a separate high voltage supply. The calibration factors of the detectors are selectable for different X-ray filtration. The auto-start feature for the dose and exposure time measurement starts as soon as the instrument detects radiation. The measuring ranges in general  feature wide dynamics. The automatic zeroing function is another helpful feature. The DIADOS E can be operated by the mains power supply or by rechargeable batteries. Data can be downloaded from the DIADOS E unit by means of the DiaControl expert software.

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