A²M 4000 - Radioactivity and gas monitoring system




The A2M4000 is the very first portable and battery powered instrument that combines various types of detectors and components for almost any measurement task in the field of radiation protection.

Definition of a local dose, detection of radioactive sources: The handy and robust NaJ(TI) detector is connected to the unit via a 10m long cable, so that it can be positioned flexibly in relation to the source. Thanks to the big detector volume, even small sources can be detected.



Net activity of free definable nuclides in food and material probes: The NaJ(TI) detector is also used to analyze food and material probes regarding specific nuclides (e.g. Iodine, Caesium, Americium). By means of the gamma spectrum, the net activity of two user definable nuclides is automatically calculated. A lead shield against the environmental radiation is an optional accessory.

Measurement of radioactive aerosols in inhaled air: The aerosol sampling head with its spectroscopy filter and its silicon detector samples continuously and detects even small quantities of aerosol carried radioactivity. Both alpha and beta radiation are measured. The spectrometric analysis allows e.g. detecting Plutonium aerosols which cannot be detected by measuring gamma radiation.

Mop tests, surface contamination (clothes), electrochemical probes: Optionally, the A2M4000 can be connected to a portable vacuum chamber, to allow on-site analysis of mop tests and other samples under circumstances similar to those prevailing in a laboratory. The employed vacuum pumps can be connected to a 12V source (car battery).

Toxic and explosive gases: Optionally, sensors to detect toxic and combustible gases (e.g. CO, CO2, CH4) can be integrated.

All detectors can be operated simultaneously. The concept of the system allows an easy handling and a standardized data basis. The device offers predefined measurement procedures that can be easily modified by the user. Additional measurement programs can be created without any problem.

The A2M4000 disposes of a big touch-screen, showing the measured values. All measured data are stored in a 2GB memory card and are available from your PC or laptop through a USB interface. Data transmission and device control can be done by GPRS or GSM modems, as well as via ZigBee adapter (Wi-Fi), if the device is operated in inaccessible or contaminated areas.




The software for the operation and configuration of the monitor is included. 



Caratteristiche Tecniche                     

 RTM 1688-2 - Radon and Thoron monitor





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