ICW Ionization Cambre Arrays




As an alternative solution to conventional ionization chambers in traversing measuring systems we offer multi cell ionization chambers with cell sizes of 5 -15 mm. In combination with a line source these chambers not only provide a 100% coverage of the cross profile, but in addition allow the detection of local faults and the measurement of differences in the coating processes at the same time.



Measuring principle, Instantaneous Cross Web Method (ICW):

 The ICW method is a specific kind of radiometric measurement. A line radiator is used as radiation source. 

The detector is an ionisation chamber array and divided into several measuring zones. 

The measuring information is available for every measuring zone immediately and for alle measuring zones simultaneously.
The cross profil of the basis weight distribution is continuously recorded with the ICW method

Differentiation Measurement - 1 Measuring Point

For every measuring zone the current total basis weight in the measuring gap will be recorded.

With suitable coating geometry - like edge strips without mass - it is possible to determine the basis weight of the base material from the according measuring zones. In the other measuring zones the total basis weight of base material and coating is measured. From the difference the basis weight of the coating is determined.

By using further measuring points it is possible to measure multible coatings.



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