ERK-525 Piccolo

Emergency Response Kit Survey Meter w/dual detectors

The ERK-525 is a complete, portable radiation monitoring system designed to measure a broad range of radioisotope contamination under field conditions. The system contains a state of the art, microprocessor based digital display meter that auto ranges and can detect most of the common alpha, beta & gamma radiation that is likely to be present in an emergency situation. The DSM-525 is a dual probe survey meter that measures contamination and dose levels from micro-R to 200 mR/hr levels of gamma isotopes (Based on 137-Cs calibration). The instrument and accessories are contained in a very durable water resistant carrying case for easy storage and portability. The ERK-525 does not require changing probes to obtain the full operational benefits of the system; the user needs only to turn the selector switch to the desired probe and the rest of the operation is automatic.


Specifiche del prodotto

Input Sensitivity


Dose/CPM Switchable

External Dose / CPM Switch


CPM, KCPM, CPS, uR/hr,mR/hr,R/hr,uSv/hr,mSv/hr,Sv/hr

LCD Refresh Rate

0.8 - 3.0 Sec adjustable

Display Backlight

push button, 30 Second auto off

Scaler Count Time Ranges

10-2550 Seconds (10 second increments)

Probe 1 Ranges

0-999.9 R/hr 0-999.9 Kcpm

Probe 2 Ranges

0-999.9 R/hr 0-999.9 Kcpm

Scaler Ranges

0-9,999 Kcpm

Alarms (optional)

5-95% of full scale for Dose & CPM


Low Battery, Overrange - Audible and Visual Alarms

Over Range Alarm

Adjustable 10% above max range - dose calibration only

Electrical Non-Linearity

< 5%

Response Time

Fast - 10-2550 Seconds (adjustable) | Slow 10-250 seconds (adjustable)




-20° F[-28° C]-140° F[60° C] | 5-95% RH IPX4 Housing

#1 High Voltage

Adjustable 300-1500 VDC|Regulation +-1%

#2 High Voltage

Adjustable 300-1500 VDC|Regulation +-1%

Audio (click per event)

On--Off switch on front panel


6 "AA" Alkaline-400 hours nominal


Digital Microprocessor Controlled


5.25" (14cm) H x 4" (10cm) W x 7" (18cm) L


2.5 lbs. (1.2 Kilos) w/Batteries


Rugged Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum & Stainless Steel

Data Output (optional)

9 Pin Serial RS-232 - Panel switch manual data extraction (optional)

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