Dose Rate Monitors TRADOS und RAMOS


The Dose Rate Probes TRADOS and TRADOS X are highly sensitive measuring devices of the type 70 046A. These proportional detectors have been developed for a wide range of applications like indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring, radiation detection caused by radioactive sources and X-ray machines. Special features are the high sensitivity to photon radiation, its wide dynamic measuring range and the wide photon energy range (TRADOS X from 6 keV). The probes consist of a large proportional counter inclusive electronics to supply the counter tube, data evaluation and displaying the dose rate values on the integrated LCD display. The Dose Rate meter is supplied with a serial interface data exchange based on an ASCII-protocol. The TRADOS and TRADOS X are energy compensated according to ICRU 39. It is suitable for measuring of ambient dose rate equivalent H*(10).



  • Measuring value: ambient dose rate equivalent H*(10)
  • Measuring range: 10 nSv/h ... 10 mSv/h (10 nSv/h ... 10 Sv/h on request)
  • Accuracy (related to 137Cs): ±5 %
  • Energy range: 30 keV ... 3 MeV, (6 keV ... 3 MeV for TRADOS X) 
  • Operating voltage: + (10 ... 30) V DC
  • Power consumption: 100 mA (160 mA for expanded measuring range)
  • Temperature range: (-35 ... +60) °C
  • Mass (without battery pack): 2.3 kg


TRADOS – incoming materials test

The recycling of metals and other materials is gaining in importance worldwide. It cannot be excluded however that contaminated feedstock materials from previous applications may enter this treatment process and thus cause "clean" material to be polluted. The Survey Meters TRADOS 70 046 A system can provide you with the degree of safety you need to avoid time-consuming and thus cost-intensive disposal activities.


RAMOS - Dose Rate Monitor with GPS communication

The Radiation Monitoring System is used for monitoring local doses. This measuring system is suitable for random measurements at fixed locations or permanent measurements of defined sections. A Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to determine the geographical position of the test vehicle so that the measured data recorded may be plotted on digitized maps. The software was developed with a view to an optimum display of the measured data, a range of adjustments and the storage of the measured data in dependence of the GPS data. The complete system is integrated in a case for protection against exterior influence.


Scope of delivery 

  • shockproof Proportional Detector 70 043 A
  • Converter-Box
  • GPS antenna
  • Cable set
  • Software RAMOS and FUGAWI



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