Il Dose Rate meter di ultima generazione.




Dose rate meter with alarm function for personal radiation protection when handling ionising radiation and for the detection of the dose rate and of the local dose. 

Fields of application

NDT, Fire Brigades, Civil Defence, Authorities, Customs, Shipping Companies, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Technology, Industry,
Chemistry, Research


  • small, handy, PTB-approved and easy to operate dose rate meter for the measurement of gamma radiation and X-rays
  • measurand: ambient dose rate equivalent *(10) and ambient dose equivalent H*(10) (local dose) 
  • detector: energy compensated GM tube
  • large, digital indication of measured values on LC-display (backlit)
  • selectable simultaneous or separate indication of dose and dose rate,
    additionally quasi-analog indication of dose rate (logarithmic bar graph)
  • 4 preset dose rate alarm thresholds and 4 preset dose alarm thresholds
    (on demand adjustment of customised alarm thresholds)
  • switchable acoustic single-pulse indication
  • automatic and continuous storage of the dose into a
    non-volatile memory
  • storage of the dose and of set parameters even during battery change
  • permanent self test
  • designed for rough use, housing made of aluminium,
    protection class IP54 (splashproof)
  • menu-driven user navigation
  • supplied together with a robust nylon bag

PLEASE NOTE:  Detecting the personal dose requires a measuring
                            instrument with the measurand Hp(10).

Technical Data

Dose rate indication range

0 nSv/h ≤ *(10) ≤ 70 mSv/h

Dose rate measuring range

  1. *(10) ≤ 70 mSv/h

Dose indication range

0 nSv ≤ H*(10) ≤ 1.0 Sv

Dose measuring range


Energy range

45 keV up to 1.3 MeV

Dose rate alarm thresholds


Dose alarm thresholds

200 µSv, 500 µSv,
1000 µSv, 2000 µSv

Temperature range

-20°C up to +60°C

Power supply

2 batteries 1.5 V (type AAA)

Acoustic alarm

80 dB(A) measured
in 30 cm distance

PTB-Approval No.



(26 × 66 × 103) mm
approx. 190 g (with batteries)


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