Il Dose Rate meter per la misura in ambiente a rischio esplosione.


 X5CExMedio  .  . . 

Dose Rate meter robusto per l'utilizzo nelle ambienti a rischio esplosione o incendio , esso  dotato di funzione di allarme per la protezione dalle radiazioni durante la manipolazione di radiazioni ionizzanti e per la rilevazione del Rateo di dose e della dose locale.
In più alla misura della dose e del rateo di dose direttamente utilizzando il suo rivelatore interno , esso puo collegare un altro tipo di sonda anche essa certificata ATEX.
Certificato PTB e ATEX.

Dose rate meter with alarm function for personal radiation protection and dose rate detection when handling ionising radiation in explosive atmospheres, with connection facility for the gamma probe 18550CEx.


Fields of application

Industry, Mining, Offshore, Refineries, Chemistry,
other explosion risk areas


  • PTB-approved dose rate meter for measuring gamma radiation
    and X-rays
  • measuring size: ambient dose rate equivalent Ḣ*(10)
  • detector: energy compensated GM tube
  • large digital indication of measured values on LC display (illuminable)
  • additional quasi-analog dose rate indication
    (3.5 decades, logarithmic bar graph)
  • indication of peak and average value of dose rate
  • 4 free programmable dose and dose rate alarm thresholds
  • automatic or manual storage of dose and dose rate values together with date and time
  • evaluation/indication of residual time for staying in the current radiation field with regard to the maximum allowed dose
  • switchable acoustic single-pulse indication
  • menu driven user navigation for easy operation,
    partly secured by password
  • storage of set parameters also when device is switched off
  • continuous self testing and monitoring ensures high reliability
  • compact, metallized housing made of high impact-proof plastic
    (easy to decontaminate), sealed for submersion up to 1 m depth (IP67)
  • power supply by firmly installed accumulator
  • automatic probe identification 

Absolutely necessary accessories:

- recharger 461L for recharging the built-in accumulator 

Optional accessories:

- probe 18550CEx for measurements at "hard-to-get-to" places
- probe cable Ex, length: 1.25 m (not extendable)
- leather bag D for accommodating the basic unit, the probe and
  the cable

Technical Data


Basic unit X5CEx

Probe 18550CEx

Dose rate
measuring range


10 µSv/h ≤ Ḣ*(10) ≤ 20 mSv/h

Dose rate
indication range

0 nSv/h ≤ Ḣ*(10) ≤ 20 mSv/h

indication range

0 nSv – 10 Sv

Energy range

40 keV up to 1.3 MeV

75 keV up to 1.3 MeV

Dose rate
alarm thresholds

4, free programmable,
over the whole measuring range

Dose alarm thresholds

4, free programmable,
over the whole measuring range

Temperature range

-20°C up to +40°C

Power supply

9V accumulator

from the basic unit


(152 × 82 x 39) mm
approx. 475 g

diameter = 40 mm,
length = 126 mm
approx. 250 g

PTB-Approval No.



ATEX-Approval No.

BVS PP 04.2028 EG


II 2G EEx ib II BT6
I M2 EEx ib I

Caratteristiche Tecniche            


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