Quart Mammography Pinhole Camera



The QUART Pinhole Cameras are test tools designed to be applied in conventional as well as digital radiographic applications where focal spot assessment is required. The tools are used to precisely measure both length and width of the effective focal spot size of x-ray equipment projected down the central ray in the x-ray field. Contrary to a slit camera, both of these focal spot properties can be identified in only ONE exposure! Also, the tools enable analyses if there are ageing effects present in the x-ray tube. Hot spots within the projected focal spot are imaged as well as areas with less intensity. A density distribution analysis of the focal spot can hence be performed directly using the focal spot image. The material of the pinhole masks was specifically chosen to provide ideal contrast and sharpness for their particular area of application. Due to the choice of material, the automatic exposure control (AEC) can be used for the test. The QUART Pinhole Cameras thus enable the most time saving procedure to evaluate focal spot properties! Both types of pinhole cameras comply with essential requirements of NEMA, DIN, IEC, AAPM, IPEM, and others.

Mammography Pinhole Camera
Dimension:           108 x 80 mm, marked pinhole area
Thickness:             2 mm
Pinhole Mask:      material: sheet of solid brass covered by 2 layers of polystyrene for protection

Test Procedure
The application of the pinhole cameras is very simple and straight forward:
1. Position the test tools as close to the focal spot as possible.
2. Set the x-ray equipment for an exposure using the AEC function.
3. Expose.
4. Access the test image (or develop the film with the image).
5. Geomtrically evaluate the bead pattern in the image.
6. Finally, apply a formula to determine true focal spot sizes (printed on the mask).





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