Model # IC-BW



Whenever a fast, sensitive ion chamber instrument is needed, the IC-BW is the latest in the series. The IC-BW ion chambers are now smaller and lighter. Based on newest more stable, essentially drift-free electrometer technology. 


The TBM-IC-BW consists of a 3'' dia x 3'' long air ion chamber coupled to a stable solid state MOSFET input electrometer with built in A to D converter to read out directly in mR/h or mR. Rate range is 0.1 mR/h to 9.999 R/h in a single range. Dose range is 0.01mR - 99.9R in a single range.

DATA LOGGING – Eliminates Transcription Errors, Improves Accuracy, Improves Efficiency

10,000 points upload to PC via sync cable or Blue Tooth, RS 232 optional RAD NET or Real-Time up load via Wi-Fi

Continuous data logging or Settable Interval or Press-to-Record.

180 mg/cm2 graphite lined methacrylate walls (for) accurate ``air equivalence.''
Built in hp iPAQ pocket computer

Image7Integrated Dose reads in total R or optional total Sv.Thin (0.5 mg/cm2) Mylar window allows high sensitivity readings for alpha and for low energy beta such as C14 in addition to x-rays and higher energy Betas and Gammas.

  • The Ion Chamber has 180 mg/cm2 graphite lined methacrylate walls giving accurate “air equivalence”.
  • A thin (0.5 mg/cm2) Mylar window allows high sensitivity readings for Alpha and for low energy Beta such as C14.
  • X-ray sensitivity is down to 2 KeV as well as higher energy Betas and Gammas. 

Versione Europea in Sv e Sv/h

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