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Conventional Ionization Chambers

Ionisation-Chamber Ionization-Chambers

VacuTec Meßtechnik GmbH has been producing high quality ionization chambers for industrial applications for more than 50 years. Ionization chambers of this type are mainly used in traversing measuring systems as sensors for radiometric thickness, area mass and density measurement applications. These measurements are based on the transmission or backscatter principle. Ionization chambers for industrial applications offer the advantages of rugged construction and a wide linear working range. They are characterized by their compact design, high stability and long service life. Our chambers have a very high thermal stability and are ideally suited for high-speed processes due to their time constant of only a few milliseconds. If using nickelchromium steel foils, as is standard practise, the beam entry windows are precision-welded with the high-grade steel housings, thus ensuring an excellent tightness of the chambers. The vacuum-tight connection of alternative foils of titanium, beryllium, mica, aluminium or plastics is achieved by latest bonding techniques. High purity gas fillings using krypton, xenon or argon are used for specific applications at the corresponding pressure level.  


Product overview

Pictured are the available basic types of ionization chambers for industrial applications. The basic weight measuring range is defined by the used source. All chambers can be operated with different nuclides and X-ray energies, limited by the used window foils, the gas filling and the gas pressure.


Ionization Chambers made of Stainless Steel


Ionization Chambers made of Aluminum



As an accessory for our ionisation chambers we offer a highgrade amplification system which includes the chamber voltage supply. In addition complete measuring heads, suitable for all VacuTec chambers, are available. We offer different versions with and without bus connectors.

Customized Solutions

Our high quality ionization chambers are manufactured according to customer requirements. Our basic types can be adapted to individual measuring problems by using alternative window foils (aluminium, titanium, plastics, mica, beryllium), different filling gases (argon, krypton, xenon) or diverse gas pressures (limited by the used window foils).

Ionization Chamber Arrays


As an alternative solution to conventional ionization chambers in traversing measuring systems we offer multi cell ionization chambers with cell sizes of 5 -15 mm. In combination with a line source these chambers not only provide a 100% coverage of the cross profile, but in addition allow the detection of local faults and the measurement of differences in the coating processes at the same time.



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