RTM 2200 - Radon and Thoron measurement system


 RTM2200 TEven in the basic version, the RTM2200 represents the perfect Radon/Thoron monitor for any kind of Radon measurements. The outstanding performance of the unit becomes really visible if complex sampling procedures must be applied. Due to its versatile possibilities for connecting additional sensors and actors, a multi-parameter station can be created without effort. 


The Radon/Thoron detector RTM2200 is not limited to the data acquisition but is also able to control equipment which is required for the sampling (e.g. pumps, valves, positioning etc.).

By connection of up to four additional Radon chambers (soil gas probe, indoor air sensor) is it possible to measure the Radon concentration in different rooms with one Radon/Thoron monitor. Additional differential pressure and temperature sensors may complete a sampling system to investigate the Radon transportation processes in buildings and facilities. Another application is the geo-physical instrumentation where the water analytics and the sampling of soil gases can be integrated. A spectroscopic NaI(Tl) gamma detector and/or gas sensors for Carbon Monoxide and combustible gases are very helpful for the mining and Uranium industry. There is no limit for your ideas.
The Radon measurement chamber, based on the principal of high voltage collection, offers a high sensitivity at a small internal volume. This is big advantage for Thoron sensitivity and it allows to use a small pump rate which is often important (soil gas sampling). The long term contamination by Po-210, known from other measurement principals is completely rejected. There is no cross sensitivity to ambient gamma radiation. Due to the special design, the chamber is not sensitive against variations of the ambient humidity. The commonly used drying equipment for instruments using this principal is for the Radon/Thoron monitor RTM2200 not required. We use high quality silicon radiation detectors inside the chamber to separate the various radon daughter products by Alpha spectroscopy.

Quality assurance is a basic item of any radiation measurement. Therefore, the Radon/Thoron monitor RTM2200 saves a complete Alpha spectrum for each data record. The spectrum always indicates an error free operation of the unit.

All results are presented on a large display with touch buttons. A SD memory card allows collecting of a huge amount of data if necessary. Each record will be stamped by the GPS coordinates if the GPS option has been chosen. Data transfer is realized by USB port and serial interface (RS232). The RS232 allows the connection of GSM modems. Optionally, the serial port can be replaced by an integrated wireless network adapter (Net Monitors).


The software for the operation and configuration of the monitor is included. 



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 RTM 1688-2 - Radon and Thoron monitor





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