AM-801 Portable


AM-801 Piccolo


Portable Portal Monitor

This Portable Portal monitor assembles simply in under five minutes. It comes with Voice Operational Commands, Full Color Touch Sensitive graphics panel, and Auto Cal for Maximum Sensitivity. The audible and visual alarms meet or exceed FEMA's sensitivity requirements of 1uCi or less Cs-137 detection






Specifiche del prodotto

AM-806 Visual 


Approximately 10 Minutes - no tools required

Operating Modes and Data Entry

Walk through or timed counts, automatically measures and subtracts background, touch sensitive screen for all data entry

Audible Commands and Alarms

System is pre-programmed with commands that coincide with operations- commands can be custom configured


Full Color VGA touch sensitive screen-full color graphics

Sensitivity Processing Rates

Meets FEMA Sensitivity requirements for < 1uCi Cs-137 detection
Approximately 500 persons/hr


4 separate 36' L x 3' W x 1.5' D Plastic Scintillators

Person/Vehicle Sensor and Counter

Optical sensor automatically senses a person/vehicle when entering counting area- automatically counts and saves numbers of uses per programmed time


0-100,000 cps

Printer/PC output

RS-232 (9-pin connector)

Range Adjustment

Auto ranging system automatically and continuously measures background until person/vehicle is sensed.


Automatically monitors for a number of different conditions.

High Voltage

300-1500 vdc +- 1% regulation


Inside 84" tall x 36" wide - Outside 87" tall x 42" wide

Response Time

100 mSec




-20° F[-28° C]-140° F[60° C] | 5-95% RH


120-250 VAC - Battery backup nominal 18 hrs


75 lbs w/out case - 110 lbs w/case


Aluminum and Stainless Steel Housing

Vehicle Monitoring Kit

Includes all materials (w/shipping case) necessary to separate detectors a maximum of 10 ft to allow for monitoring of vehicles.

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