EQF 3200 - Radon/Thoron gas and daughter product monitor system



The EQF3200 is the ideal monitor to evaluate the availability of radon and its expected dose. The device defines the concentration of gas and decay products for Radon and Thoron, in order to calculate the equivalent factor.

The EQF3200 is equipped with instrument grade semiconductor radiation detectors, both in the radon measurement chamber and the sampling head for the decay products. This allows a perfect separation of the different decay products of radon, using alpha-spectroscopy.


The fine pored membrane filter of the newly developed sampling head is exchangeable with no need of any tool. The reinforced filter is used in combination with an automatically controlled rotary vane pump that guarantees a constant air flow through the filter. A sensor measures permanently the air pressure over the filter in order to recognize instantly an exhausted or perforated filter.

The measurement chamber works following the principle of high-tension separation and has, despite its low volume, an extraordinary sensitivity. This means a decisive advantage when it comes to measuring small thoron probe volumes. The long-term contamination by the increasing Pb210 underground that appears in other measurement principles is completely annulated. There is no cross-sensitivity regarding the ambient radiation. The chamber is immune to humidity changes of the environment. This is why a desiccation cartridge, as needed in other devices working following the principle of high-tension separation, is not necessary in the EQF3200.

The quality control is a main issue of any radiation measurement. Therefore the EQF3200 records a complete alpha spectrum for each measured value. This allows controlling the perfect functioning of the instrument in each moment of the measurement.

The EQF3200 disposes of a big touch-screen, showing the measured values. All measured data are stored in a 2GB memory card and are available from your PC or laptop through a USB interface. Data transmission and device control can be done by GPRS or GSM modems, as well as via ZigBee adapter (short range wireless network). A NaJ detector to fix the local gamma dose is an optional feature of the device. The EQF3200 disposes of additional input and output terminals to connect sensors and actuators according to client-specific needs. The data sheet shows some examples.

  EQF 3200 comes with the latest release of the  DVision software.
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