Fast Cam 5

The FAST-CAM-5 is an ideal instrument to assure safety against airborne Alpha radiation,even in high or varying background situations. With presettable alarm point and built-in RS-232 output to computer or printer.The FAST-CAM-5 is designed for stand alone (or networked) operation. The system provides integrated exposure information and has pulse output available. The FAST-CAM-5 is a complete system but may be expanded according to the needs of the user utilizing the many modules of the FM-7 series.

The FAST-CAM-5 system utilizes a ZnS (Ag) detector and optional Beta Scintillator which allows the two coordinated single channel analyzer windows. Measuring Pu-239 or other alpha emitters in the presence of significant or changing Radon-Thoron background. The count rate is read on the front panel digital display. These meters have a 6 digit display for both rate and integrated information. The user can select the operating modes: gross count, pulse height analyzing (PHA), or PHA with background subtract (PHA-SUB). The high level alarm trip point is settable over the entire range. When activated, the system provides a flashing red beacon and loud bell for visual and audible warning. An adjustable alarm delay prevents short term transient alarms. The system uses a quick change 4” dia filter. The unit includes 35 CFM air pump. Included with the FAST-CAM-5 are a box of 20 pc 4” dia filters and complete users manual

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