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ScanBulk: The first artificial intelligence system for monitoring radiation in complex situations.


We are pleased to inform you of the availability on the market of our first instrument for monitoring Gamma and Neutron Radiation in situations where standard instruments (Survey Meter, RIID) are difficult to use: in areas with large heaps of material, on moored ships, in large vehicles, stacks of containers etc .. The new instrument is in fact useful in all those situations where monitoring requires support on a mechanical arm or crane and at the same time there is a need to scan the dose rate measurement by sweeping a large area (matrix detections) and immediate measurement of any radioisotopes present is required.

The detector designed with anti-shock technology is kept in a cage or attached to a mechanical arm of the vehicle. It is then hoisted and moved along the area of interest to create data useful for mapping the dose rate within a graphic matrix. The dose rate is then displayed in real time and all the previous readings are saved and shown in a map. If the dose rate at a point exceeds a chosen level, the entire information contained in the gamma map will be used intelligently by the system to quickly find the source of the contamination (any radioisotopes).



Expert 25 Solution:The effective solution to the problems of qualified experts and specialised physicists.

25is an operative platform (completely integrated in Windows) which has been created to facilitate the task of qualified experts. It can easily organize and process, in quite a simple and effective way, the whole amount of data  

 Expert 25 Lan Work


Furthermore, thanks to the “friendly” graphic patterns of the screen, the logical and rigorous information flow and an all-round easy-to-consult help on-line, it is extremely simple to use this software. Qualified experts, who usually follow some sort of classical methodology in their work, will have no trouble using EXPERT 25 for two main reasons basically: it is based on the same classical methods and at the same time offers many apparent advantages, such as processing power and speed, data storage and recovery, library organizing in compliance with the Italian Law Decree 230/95, EURATOM Directive and Report I.C.R.P. plus the possibility of continuous up-dating.

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Una schermata di Expert 25



Thanks to the extreme flexibility and completeness of the database on which it is based, the program is an operative support that can considerably reduce the time needed for analyses to be processed and organized. Moreover, thanks to the fact that the various sections are integrated, the program represents an ideal starting point to meet the professional’s various requirements in real time.


It is also possible to integrate the data from the most common multimeters into the EXPERT 25masks directly via serial port. This means that the program has a significant potentiality.

Digital Signature (New):
Digital Signature Built-in report: dosimetry, quality control, and the LDR in the documents registered mail.

Managing Multi-EQ and multi occupational physicians who follow individual workers in the department or service, allowing you to generate and send the same work queue reports for workers, employers, doctors and EQ.

Sending multiple-automatic email reports and documents in PDF format that is dual format encrypted and password protected and / or encapsulated in the same envelope of digital signature, all without the need for the user 's obviously strictly logged by the system with almost instant search and retrieval. It also allows printing and sending via fax Fax server without the need for it ... ... Mail server.

Workflow-reports from one user to another for the signature of the reports of quality control, LDR ...

Active_CQ :
This section of the program allows physicists andexperts to carry out any test concerning the different radiation sources (in compliance with national and europeanregulations) either referring to the protocols suggested by the national institutions  or customizing such protocols according to the source being examined. Thanks to the clever and careful design of the masks related to each control, it is very easy to enter, process and store data.

LDR_sys :
Form for controls and the determination of the diagnosticexposures  reference levels (DRL both Italian law by the European Community) on the Diagnostic Radiology (adult and pediatric), Mammography, CT, Nuclear Medicine (with direct surveys, RIS Managerial or Medicine NUC).

Dosi_Rad :
A particular attention has been focused upon this very important section of the project because of the ever increasing need for procedures and overall organization to be standardized as well as information exchanges about the worker to become quicker and more successful (previous exposures and classifications, work “histories”, etc.). This is the reason why the database supports the new technology which makes use of the database providers to transmit data
on line. Qualified experts will, at this stage, be able to interact with their colleagues or directly with the managing board’s own database, once a single register for classified workers has been established.

Management of work tasks involving exposure to ionizing radiation.
-Classification of persons exposed, both individual and groups of people, with similar exposure characteristics, based either on actual or planned activities attributed on theoretical calculations that determine the levels with dosimetric Correspondent.

Dosimetry-Folder with the management of doses received, either manually or by automatic entry file from laboratories or  dosimetry service covers: effective doses (with dual dosimeter), equivalent doses and doses introduction of radionuclides; all automatically, updating the individual circumstances .
-Recovery-Manager of amounts being in excess of the maximum allowed.

TWS 3.0

TWS 3.0 is an integrated hardware + software intended to control and regulate discharges of radioactive liquids research laboratories, Nuclear Medicine in hospitals or industrial plants.
The entire system, which consists of a panel and control board of High Quality (including pumps and valves in accordance with standards of control over industrial processes) and two types of systems spectrometry (Mono channel for ski lifts that use a single Type of radioisotope, and a multi-channel for MultiIsotopi) for the detection and analysis of radioisotopes present in the slurry and the calculation of relative concentrations (the choice of the spectrometer is left to the user), is managed by a management software by multiple capabilities.

Full management of the documentation of correspondence and communications and integrates fully respects the requirements of the rules DPRn.445 28/12/2000.
In addition it is the only application capable of leading in this moment the categories that use it to 14001 and EMAS certification SO Eco Management Audit Skin.
- The possibility of creating output documents (Auto Protocol) directly to our platform and attributing them a list of people or structures to be sent via E-mail Custom, E-mail Group, Custom Fax, Fax group, custom printing documents and labels. customization of each document includes the data for individual recipients.
-Send by Fax, E-mail and print in a contemporary way to individual recipients
- For documents received (incoming), you can import image (Scanarizzati) or documents of various kinds.
- Management: data records and practices in both inward and outward with respect to the allocation of roles, security, consistency and data protection and the easy retrieval of the Act as indicated.
- The search for documents (protocols) and based on three levels:
A - Instant Search with sensitivity on the latest case documents
B - with search criteria by selecting the most important fields for research
C - Browsing through the SQL language for the more experienced.
- Creation and management of documents for quick repetitive production of documents
- Create and manage multiple recipients useful for sending via print, fax or e-mail.
- Management ie a set of documents required to declare a master document "Practice" finished with visualization and management of documents that comprise it.
- Total control by the Director of the queue of documents with the possibility to intervene, delete, or re-authorize the individual.

Web Client :

Client for consulatzione of dosimetric data for physicians, employers and Eq remotely.
This software is installed took the web server of the client.
Automatic extraction and processing from the corporate database by providing a single reference database (Server Security)
Automatic generation of reports on the dosimetric situation of a worker with the introduction of its id code.
Settings access and management of user profiles either automatically or manually (userid, pasword .....)

Allocation of storage and archive "files of various kinds" to individuals or groups of users: Updates, file export, file reports, documents of any kind
Same procedure for the data from monitoring of quality controls and LDR except to introduce the code of the X-ray instead of the tax code.
Trascrizione fonetica
Dizionario - Visualizza dizionario dettagliato


WorkFlow: Includes
-loop quality control procedures, LDR and shared documents;
-loops are a serial type random or directed;
Posting-programmed mode network in local mode to allow the movement of equipment in environments and carry out the checks and then synchronize data across the network;
Ghantt-real-time control of the individual procedures;
Notification and-drag the transition between users;

Document Management (on equipment and people):
Documents stored in Dbase-track not available in random or unauthorized
-Import documents and template generation (pre-confession by the user) of all types acceptable to the Microsoft platform;
-Regeneration of the same document either as an autonomous replication than doubled.

Lan-Work: There are several types of software:
Mono-user, small Lan (Up to 15 Pc) and Lan large (more than 15 with MS-SQL or Oracle)
Admin-Station, Work Station (Customizable), read-only station (Customizable).

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