Classification of Exposed Staff and Dosimetric Card Management  






Special attention has been paid to the section Classification of Exposed Staff and Dosimetric Card Management. This is due to the very importance of the matter, but also arises from the necessity to standardise procedures and data management in order to allow increased speed and efficiency in exchanging information about workers (previous classifications and respective exposures, closed dosimetric cards, notices regarding absorbed doses).

For this reason, the EXPERT 2000 database supports the very latest A.D.O. (ActiveX Data Object) technology that makes use of the provider databases for network data transmission: qualified experts will thus be able to interact with colleagues and, once a single exposed workers registry has been established, with the server of the management body as well.



In order that this section might fully satisfy user requirements, it has been decided that for every worker a card will be created (readily consultable thanks to the great flexibility of the company Wizard to which it is associated) containing:

 ·    data regarding classification procedureforworkers according to the rooms in which they work and the position held

·   the doses recorded by the dosimeters installed; in order to simplify and optimise management of the volume of data, they are divided up between those relating to "whole body" and "extremity" dosimeters: a simple click of the mouse allows one or other to be displayed

·  an intake monitoring system that allows the equivalent dose and introduction intake to be estimated in accordance with ICRP recommendations and Legislative Decree 230/95

·   graphics routinesthat allow the "dosimetric" situation of every worker to be displayed in real time by comparing absorbed doses with legal limits

This card is kept openuntil the qualified expert decides that it may be closed: all respective data will then be stored in order to enable them to be passed on to others (employer, authorised doctor, national bodies, other qualified experts) or the opening of a new card based on such data.


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