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VacuDAP compact 
La camera Dap (kap) per app. Rx in radiologia



This is a compact dose area product measuring unit designed for uncomplicated retrofitting and is equipped with an integrated display and control keys directly attached to the measuring chamber. A model with reduced dimensions is available as a special type for mobile X-ray units having smaller collimators.

The measuring chambers are equipped with a serial interface for the transmission of measuring data to a printer or data acquisition system.

Of course the remote display unit can be used with the VacuDAP compact.



VacuDAP compact with battery-option

 6f08c0f0f0The battery-option in combination with the VacuDAP compact is the first complete stand alone DAP - meter and is most suitable for the use at mobile X-ray units.


 pdf icon Caratteristche tecniche

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pdf iconCarateristiche e paragone delle DAP





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