GammaTwin S

Il Dose Rate meter di ultima generazione collegabile a diverse sonde.




GammaTwin Con la sonda Nal e l'Asta Telscopica

Il GammaTwin S con la Sonda Nal 2002 su un asta telescopica



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 GammaTwinS  ..  . .

Dose rate meter with alarm function for personal radiation protection when handling ionising radiation and for the
detection of the dose rate and local dose. Connected with contamination probe ABG170 ( ZnS-coating thin-layer plastic scintillation).

il GammaTwin S con il scintillatore palstico per la ricerca della contaminazione.


Fields of application

Fire Brigades, Civil Defence, Authorities, Customs,
Nuclear Technology, Industry, Chemistry


GammaTwin S su Sonda Nal 2000                      GammaTwin S inserto nella funzione di Personal Dose allarm


  • small and handy dose rate meter for the measurement of gamma radiation and X-rays
  • measurand: ambient dose rate equivalent *(10) and
    ambient dose equivalent H*(10) (local dose)
  • built-in detector: energy compensated GM tube
  • large, digital indication of measured values on LC-display (backlit)
  • selectable simultaneous or separate indication of dose and dose rate,  additionally analog indication of dose rate (logarithmic bar graph)
  • display of the dose rate history as a search function for the detection of radioactive sources
  • 4 preset dose and dose rate alarm thresholds
    (on demand adjustment of customised alarm thresholds) 
  • additionally switchable acoustic single-pulse indication
  • automatic and continuous storage of the dose into a
    non-volatile memory
  • storage of the dose and of set parameters even during battery change
  • permanent self test
  • designed for rough use, housing made of aluminium,
    protection class IP54 (splashproof)
  • menu-driven user navigation
  • supplied with robust nylon bag
  • optional: external probes, probe cable
  • connection facility for an external probe:
    • 18526 D or ABG170 for contamination measurement (α, β, γ)
    • immersion counter tube ZP1083 D (β, γ)
    • NaI-scintillation probe 2002 for high-sensitive measurements (β, γ)
  • with connected probe:
    • display of measured values in cps
    • display of the pulse rate history graph as a search function for the detection of  radioactive sources or contaminations
    • pre-selectable alarm thresholds: 2x background or 3x background

PLEASE NOTE:  Detecting the personal dose requires a measuring
                            instrument with the measurand Hp(10). 

Technical Data

Indication ranges
- dose rate
- dose

0 nSv/h ≤
*(10) 50 mSv/h
0 nSv
H*(10) 1 Sv

Measuring ranges
- dose rate
- dose
- cps

  1. *(10) 50 mSv/h
    µSv H*(10)

Energy range

40 keV up to 1.3 MeV

Dose rate alarm thresholds


Dose alarm thresholds

200 µSv, 500 µSv,
1000 µSv, 2000 µSv

Temperature range

-20°C up to +60°C

Power supply

2 batteries 1.5 V (type AAA)

Acoustic alarm



(26 × 66 × 103) mm
190 g (with batteries)


Caratteristiche Tecniche

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