Quart Accessori

QUART dispone di diversi accessori per completare i controlli di qualità sui gli apparecchi radiologici ecco alcuni :


Multi-Purpose Dosimetry Holder

E' un attrezzo opzionale,  con una ventosa al  centro che permette di tenere fissi i rivelatori di multimetri  o il Nonius stesso

Quart bridge holder 1


The QUART NKK Pocket Size Low Contrast Wedge is compact and small insize. However, it is sufficient for all QA requirements.It contributes to a precise identification of visual perceptibility limits by providing the specific infomation if the wedge structure is still visible against the noise in the image. In addition, the wedge provides the possibility to relate perceptibility levels to specific image receiver doses or rates.

The positioning is straightforward as the tool is directly placed on the phantom surface using 25mm Al added filtration. The wedge features:
_ 3 Low Contrast holes Ø 2.0 mm
_ Wedge Length: 4.0 cm
_ Wedge Size: 0.4 mm (at 0) to 4.0 mm (at 4 cm)

Delivery includes
 -QUART NKK Low Contrast Perceptibility Test Tool



The QUART ZTB Pocket Size Tube Alignment Test Tool is very easy to use due to simple positioning options: Centre Marker of a CR/DR/Fluoro phantom/Centre Marker of a dental test phantom / Centre of an X-Ray Field. The tool has a 2-ring structure for checks on alignment accuracy. 4 pre-defined positions correlate with quantities of misalignment between 0 – 6°. The QUART ZTB has an overall length of only 17 mm.

Delivery includes
-QUART ZTB Alignment Tool


RAD Step Wedge
Art. No. 12206

21-step aluminium wedge for tests of dose reproducibility and sensitometric properties of radiogra-

phic screen-film systems. Features numbers to mark each step.

SIZE       231 x 110 x 31.5 mm

STEPS     21, 1.5 mm graduation per step



Art. No. 13230

The AEC RAD test set consists of 12 PMMA plates of varying thicknesses. The set is used to test

the automatic exposure control features of radiography equipment according IEC 61223-3-1.

Additional sheets to add to the set are available on request.

SIZE       240 x 240 mm

THICKNESS         9x 20mm / 1x 10mm / 2x 5mm



Filter Adaptor
 Art. No. 13240

Adaptor to use QUART al250 for collimator rails with distances between 98 mm - 174 mm, e.g. as

used for mobile C-arm x-ray equipment.

RAIL DISTANCES              98 mm to 174 mm



The QUART KAT 30 x 24 and 43 x 45 are both used to check the film contact
at conventional radiography equipment with film/screen technology.
Flaws would be revealed by variations in density on the developed film.

Delivery includes
-QUART KAT Film Contact Test Tool



The QUART LT Filter Stand is designed to hold added filtration in place where positioning is critical, or where a special test setup needs to be realised.
The stand can be placed directly on a R+F phantom, or it can be used to position the filter beneath the patient table at a C-Arm unit.

Delivery includes
 - QUART LT Filter Stand
 - Manual
 - Soft Bag


QUART Helping Hands

The QUART Helping Hand Suction Mounts can be used for a variety of tasks.
They are able to hold small and light items in place, i.e. filters or dosemeter detectors.

They are also able to provide vertical hold and support for flat objects between 4 – 20 millimetres weighing up to 2 kg‘s (e.g. the QUART SP_dl phantom).

The excellent mounting characteristics result from the holders‘ very strong suction cups.  Both holders are laid out for 1 object height per side (4 heights per holder).

Delivery includes
 - QUART Helping Hands Holders; Set of 2

Added Filtration

QUART al250
Standard Compliant Added Filtration for R+F. 25 mm Aluminium. 99.5 % purity.
The filter features an adaptor for varying light visor sizes.





QUART cu10
Standard Compliant Added Filtration for R+F. 10 mm Copper.
The filter is used for QA/QC routines with exposure parameters >100 kV.


Quart Dent/Digi H
Posizionatore Universale per Cefalo dei fantocci Dent/digiTest.
Esisitono posizionatori specifici per modelli di apparecchi  OPT. contattare info@active radsys.it per verificare la disponibilità




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