TWS 3.0

TWS 3.0 is an integrated hardware + software intended to control and regulate discharges of radioactive liquids research laboratories, Nuclear Medicine in hospitals or industrial plants.
The entire system, which consists of a panel and control board of High Quality (including pumps and valves in accordance with standards of control over industrial processes) and two types of systems spectrometry (Mono channel for ski lifts that use a single Type of radioisotope, and a multi-channel for MultiIsotopi) for the detection and analysis of radioisotopes present in the slurry and the calculation of relative concentrations (the choice of the spectrometer is left to the user), is managed by a management software by multiple capabilities.





The customer is free to choose the suitable spectrometry system as long as you send a copy spectrum to fit our data base control Process system of electrical industries:

There are specific to the grounds just provided that includes a solenoid + A key controlled by our PC software allowing the 'beginning of the exhaust, everything else is for the electromechanical system.


-Upgrading from TWS-1.0 +
For those who are in possession of previous versions especially dos TWS version 1.0 you can only purchase the upgrade with the conversion and integration of existing data
to verify the validity of the version you must contact us  .po" ai singoli o a gruppi di utenti :  aggiornamenti , file export, file reports, documenti di qualsiasi tipo


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