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Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) Sensor - Ionization Chambers for X-Ray Exposure Control



The Ionisation Chambers are used as  sensor elements for automatic X-ray exposure control units. They comprise air-filled parallel chambers with 1, 3 or 5 measuring fields, coupled with an amplifier and a field selector. The low overall thickness of 6 mm ensures the chamber may be used with all modern X-ray equipment. 



Principle of Operation

The current generated in the sensor fields by the X-rays will be amplified, digitized and fed to the automatic exposure controller. The AEC supplies the cut-off signal to the generator, and thereby ensures an optimal and reproducible image quality, independent of the radiation quality, object density, and other factors.

Types of chambers


The listed sizes of AEC chambers are supplied as a standard, but other dimensions are available on request. The minimized chamber electronics is mounted directly on the chamber side. If necessary there are versions with electronics separated up to 90 cm distance from the ionization chamber.





Chamber Electronics

The ionization chambers are supplied with a minimized chamber electronics, that amplify, digitize and process the generated current according to the field selection.

The electronics also generate the chamber voltage without the need for an external high-voltage source.



Ramp Module

In order to assure the backward compatibility with conventional interfaces a separate ramp module converts the pulses into a voltage ramp. This ramp module should be placed between interface cable and AEC interface on the generator site.  






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